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"I help leaders to think clearly, to develop their skills and style, enabling them to get better results for themselves and their teams."

“My passion is supporting organisations in building great products, creating environments and ways of working which are effective, productive and enjoyable to work in.”

I'm John, I work with organisations keen to create a coaching culture and improve their performance by improving their capabilities in Agile, DevOps and continuous delivery.

To be more specific, I offer:​​

John Clapham

I believe in a pragmatic approach, blending the best of coaching, agile and conventional techniques to suit the skills, context and challenges of an organisation.  I recognise that selecting the right method is only part of the challenge.  People are the real catalysts, their attitudes will determine how successful any initiative is, this is why clients value my emphasis on group and one to one coaching.

When supporting transformation I fully understand the importance of creating sustainable change and minimising dependency on external resources.  It is not only about going fast – I recognise that pace of change varies between individuals and organisations.  I’m sensitive to the need to maintain, or improve, employee engagement whilst driving the business forward.

If you’d like to talk more about these topics, do get in touch.

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