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I’m often asked to write and talk about the things I do and experience. If you’d like me to talk at your event or conference take a look at my talk list or get in touch


My talks focus on ways of thinking and working that create productive, collaborative and engaging places to be. They aim to equip people with ubiquitous tools for success, whatever their situation and chosen approach.  


Each talk is grounded in real experience working with leaders and alongside teams, predominantly in ambitious IT environments.  


My talks aim to provide theory, useful techniques and inspiration.  They are delivered in a lively and inclusive fashion, and provide benefits to both individual and team work.


There’s a wealth of experience and research behind each talk.  Content and emphasis can be tailored to suit your event, aspirations and audience.  I’m also happy to facilitate workshops and team days enabling teams to try techniques, build relationships and gather insights.

John Clapham


  • Coaching Techniques

  • Solution Focussed Coaching

  • Creating Coaching Cultures

Personal and team performance

  • Decision making, Cognitive Biases 

  • Sustainable Pace, Burnout, Resilience, Wellbeing

  • Motivation, engagement and Psychological Safety


  • Agile Leadership, Transformation and change

  • Scrum, Kanban, Lean

  • Organisation and Team design for Flow, DevOps and Continuous Delivery


  • Creating and delivering compelling talks.

  • Speaking with confidence

  • Public Talk Primer, including successful proposals and selection

My talks are tried and tested at international and internal conferences, meetups and team days. 

You can also see my talk list, or catch me at one of my upcoming public talks.

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