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Consulting & Agile Coaching

I offer consultancy, both as a coach and advisor to teams, and working within teams to assist delivery and learning. During a transformation or change program this can be supplemented by training.


In order to bring the best return on investment my approach is to encourage sustainable change and an appetite for continuous improvement.  That means developing more than a superficial understanding of agile, higher performance arises from really understanding principles and knowing why, how and when to apply techniques.  Unlike training, consultancy engagements enable me to be available to provide real time support as individuals and teams uncover and face new challenges.


Generally I work with multiple teams, their stakeholders and leadership team.  Although there are often gains to be made with individual teams, greater net gains can be made by improving factors which affect (or constrain) more than one team.  This organisational level learning is what differentiates companies, it is however highly contextual, and not something one can buy a formula for.

If you’d like to improve agility or build a coaching culture get in touch here.

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