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Please click on the links below for more specific information on Consulting, Coaching and Training services.

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I typically work with organisations keen to improve their team’s productivity, encompassing both team practices and one to one coaching. The scope of this work varies from short engagements to gain insight into new ways of working, to building on existing practices, to larger transformation programs.


I introduce a blend of agile and traditional methods, choosing what suits the organisation’s context and appetite for change. I’ve been practicing Scrum, Kanban and Lean for many years, with great results. 


Tangible results are what matters. As an early adopter of Continuous Delivery and DevOps I’ve found both concepts invaluable for improving efficiency and effectiveness, combining the efforts of teams across the organisation.


I’m frequently asked to provide one to one coaching, from team to leadership level. This provides a catalyst, supporting the change process and improving individual performance. 

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