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Habit Building

Habit Building is the art of identifying - and doing - things that help you achieve goals and move in the direction you want to go.  Repeatedly trying a new approach or way of thinking can make it easier and more likely to happen in future.  This means you get the accumulating benefit of the habit and it feels easier.  Habit building techniques often appear quite simple, applied with discipline and awareness they can be transformational.


When coaching I’ve found this a successful way to support leaders wanting to improve performance and invest in themselves. Habit building is a flexible, personal approach tailored to the owner’s situation and their aspirations.  I note that there are often two sorts of desired habit, which I’ll describe as direct and indirect.  Direct habits are clearly related to an area.  For example in leadership, habits like making time to think strategically or managing emotion in certain situations.  Indirect habits may appear tangential but support direct habits and their likelihood of success.  These often relate to lifestyle and self management, sleep is a classic example.  Often these target areas such as health, energy and blending different aspects of life.


The following articles cover how to successfully build habits with a focus on the use of Habit Builders (sometimes termed Habit Trackers).  What they won’t do is tell you what habits to try, that’s your call but if you need backup or someone to think with, get in touch.

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