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Walk, Think, Do Coaching

Want to think clearly, make progress and escape your screen?  


I offer ‘Walk and Think’ Coaching sessions to  professionals and leaders in the central Bristol area.  


These offer the benefits of a conventional coaching session with bonus wellbeing benefits of exercise and the outdoors.  


The topic is of your choosing, typically something from professional life you’d like to get better at or think differently about.  Coaching helps bring clarity of thought, generate options and take focussed steps in your chosen direction.

Bristol harbour

Physical activity and being outdoors have remarkable benefits for our minds.  Walking has been shown to reduce stress, improve resilience, increase creativity and cognitive ability.  Calming environments help restore the brain and can even improve short term memory.


In terms of coaching the conversation and style are similar to being in the office or remote sessions.  We will enjoy open spaces but I am not proposing mindfulness, forest bathing or jumping into the freezing harbour Wim Hof style.  The pace and terrain of the walk can be agreed and adjusted as we go along.  Any mobility and medical considerations can be discussed confidentially in advance. 


The conversations are typically an hour.  Meeting places and times are agreed per session, it may be close to your work, home office or one of Bristol’s green spaces.  More rigorous walks can be held at Ashton Court or on the Downs.  If the weather is dubious we may agree to retreat to a cafe or similarly quiet spot.  


If you’d like to arrange a discovery call simply get in touch here.


It’s work, we just happen to be walking.

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