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Leadership Coaching

I offer coaching to professionals keen to develop themselves and their teams, helping improve performance, learn new skills, think differently and uncover opportunities.  This may be one to one coaching for yourself or sponsored coaching for individuals in your team.  If you’d like a change of scenery I also offer walking coaching sessions in the Bristol area.

Each coaching conversation provides an unique opportunity to focus on what matters to the thinker.  It is a chance to think things through in a supportive environment without judgement. This tends to lead to a clearer picture of what is wanted and what to do next, as well as uncovering opportunities and improving motivation.

To make a tangible difference, thinking should be turned into action, and part of the process is designed to assist with carrying out initiatives, working out how to choose and approach them, to experiment, assess progress and find what works.

Topics and goals may be chosen by the individual or derived from performance and development goals.  

I’m an experienced Agile Leadership Coach, so I’m familiar with the challenges and opportunities of developing agility, DevOps capabilities and transformation.  I’m also an accredited International Coaching Federation Coach and Solutions Focused Business Professional, you can rely on a productive conversation.


During a coaching session my approach is non-directive which means I’m not here to tell people what to do or how to be, they know their situation, resources and goals.  My role as coach is to help people be successful in their endeavours.

Common themes include:

-Effective leadership, Agile Leadership
-Leading and adapting to change, new roles.
-People development, management and performance
-Agile Transformation, successful adoption of new approaches.
-Communication, Speaking and interpersonal skills
-Personal productivity and sustainable pace
-Blending work and other aspects of life.


If you’d like things to be different, and are prepared to do something about it, book a discovery meeting here, if you'd like make an email enquiry, get in touch here.

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